Who would be well served by a GSMK CryptoPhone?

Executives in business and government who require secure communication in the course of their legitimate business can rely on secure voice and data communication provided by their CryptoPhone.

How does Malmaison Security Solutions ensure the legitimate use of CryptoPhones so they are not used by criminals or foreign actors to conceal their identities and activities?

Prior to processing a CryptoPhone purchase order, Malmaison Security Solutions will conduct a formal and detailed screening of each potential purchaser. The screening process is aimed at eliminating any unlawful use of the products sold through the company.

How protected is a CryptoPhone user?

CryptoPhone voice calls and SMS messages are protected by a 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange and 256-bit AES and Twofish symmetric encryption without any compromise of usability. Secure international messaging comes standard with special features like self-destructing “Eyes Only” messages.

 How are CryptoPhones best used?

CryptoPhones are best used in appropriate combinations with mobile phones, desktop phones and satellite phones. Communication between CryptoPhones is secure, calls with other phones are not. CryptoPhones will warn users if a fake base station or rogue IMSI catcher is trying to connect with the CryptoPhone and intercept data and voice communication.

Can I obtain service and support for my CryptoPhone?

Service and support is provided through SkyRoot Networks.